The Changing Same: Episode 1 nominated for an Emmy

The Changing Same: An American Pilgrimage is nominated for a The News & Documentary Emmy Awards for Outstanding Interactive Media: Innovation. This is Scatter‘s second Emmy nomination and it’s for our most ambitious volumetric film to date. I’m floored, humbled and thrilled. The Changing Same is a magical-realist immersive virtual reality experience where you travel across time and space to explore the last 400 years of America’s history of resistance to racial injustice. On the 400 year anniversary of slavery in US.The Changing Same examines how the U.S.’s legacy of racial inequity – from slavery to Jim Crow, racial apartheid, and the criminal legal system – and the persistent fight against racial oppression continue to influence and shape our contemporary lives. Based on real events, our experience connects the dots between the past and present to highlight the circularity of our lived experiences.And touching on the innovation category, there are so many things that have never-been-done-before on this project. It’s the first project to use Scatter’s Depthkit Studio (forging new features in production), the time travel mechanic is a VR technical first, a hybrid avatar, the use of magical realism as an ethical approach to telling hard history, world building with reality capture memorializing the real historic sites where these stories took place – just to name a few. Congratulations to the entire wonderful team, such an honor to work with you all and I’m so proud of you. All the love to my co-directors Michèle Stephenson & Joe Brewster.

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