Career Update: Saying Goodbye to Scatter

I have news! After six phenomenal years building Scatter from the ground-up, I am excited to announce that I’ll be moving on to explore new opportunities. 

My passion is at the intersection of storytelling and innovative immersive experiences that push the cutting-edge of emerging technology, where I have built an award-winning and lauded body of work. It’s a very exciting moment in tech right now and I want to continue to tell stories that matter and jump into new technologies in Web3, AI, and XR as a Creative Director/Director as well as a wider range of collaborations.

I would love to hear from you! Reach out if you’d like to collaborate on a project, share an opportunity, or if you just want to catch-up!

Saying Goodbye to Scatter

I am proud to have co-founded Scatter in 2016 alongside James George and Alexander Porter and lead Scatter’s evolution from a small basement startup in Bushwick to an award-winning industry leader in XR and volumetric video. A few highlights:

  • We invented Volumetric Filmmaking and pioneered the field
  • We created Depthkit, the most widely used volumetric video solution with customers that include Fortune 500 companies, large media & entertainment brands, Academy award winning filmmakers, and independent creators
  • We invested in the community with events, supporting creator projects, and hosting the immensely popular Volumetric Filmmakers NYC, a quarterly free conference alongside Bill Platt and Kyle Kukshtel to educate audiences
  • Depthkit boasts the most published projects with a global community of diverse creators
  • I wrote, directed and produced the Emmy-award winning Zero Days VR, which was described as “revolutionary” (VRScout), and “one of the most powerful VR documentaries” (Voices of VR). ZDVR was shown at Sundance, Cannes and was curated by the World Economic Forum as part of the Annual Summit to launch their new Global Center for Cyber Security
  • I co-directed and co-produced (with Michèle Stephenson and Joe Brewster) the Emmy-nominated and Winner of Tribeca Film Festival’s “Best Immersive Narrative” The Changing Same: Episode 1 (Sundance 2021). Voices of VR named it “one of the most ambitious pieces of volumetric filmmaking.” CNET’s Scott Stein described the experience as “very powerful” and that it “emotionally rocked” him.
Scatter – it’s been a real honor. Proud of what we have built.