Yasmin Elayat: Driven by content and yet connected to technology

Interview on VR Women Podcast

November 7, 2022


Emmy Award Winner Yasmin Elayat On Priming Her Career To Succeed In Art-Tech

Interview on Women Power Podcast

November 15, 2021

Vogue India Forces of Creativity Issue

March, 2021

Yasmin Elayat: Art Drives Innovation


Nov 6, 2020

25 Most Influential Women to Follow in VR in 2020

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May 6, 2020


10 Of The Top Women Advancing VR

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January 30, 2020

Yasmin Elayat: Volumetric Filmmaking and the New Documentary

Interview on Future of Film Podcast

October 16, 2019


The Changing Same Press

#977: “The Changing Same:” Volumetric Storytelling Innovations, Connecting the Past to the Present with the Cycles of Racial Terror

Interview on Voices of VR Podcast

June 9, 2021

Episode 298: Tribeca Immersive 2021

Interview on Future of Film Podcast

June 9, 2021

Zero Days VR Press

VR Documentary Zero Days Scores News And Doc Emmy

“One of VR’s most striking documentaries just won itself an Emmy.”


October 2, 2018

“Zero Days VR” Sets A High Bar In The Oculus Store


June 16, 2017

#543: Visualizing An Invisible Cyber War with Zero Days VR

“one of the most powerful VR documentaries that I’ve seen”

Interview with Director Yasmin Elayat

June 9, 2017

Become the Virus in Zero Days VR: A Revolutionary Immersive Documentary

“one of the most aesthetically powerful pieces of VR”


Feb 2, 2017

How to See Stuxnet? ‘Zero Days’ Filmmakers Find an Unlikely Answer in VR

“I’m floating in cyberspace, and it’s beautiful”


January 26, 2017

Blackout Press

‘Blackout’ is a VR love letter to NYC’s subway riders

“one of the most unique encounters


May 4, 2017

‘Blackout’: Meet the VR Project That’s Being Created Live

“incredible project”


April 26, 2017

Epic Virtual Reality Experiences at Tribeca Film Festival

one of the most compelling MR – or VR – experiences I’ve ever had

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April 24, 2017

Scatter Press

From All Angles: The Groundbreaking Volumetric Filmmaking of Scatter


June 19, 2019

When Virtual Reality Competes With Reality

Digital Planet Program

April 29, 2018

VR Visionaries: Scatter

“some of VR’s most innovative, artistic experiences and the amazing creators behind them”


June 16, 2017