“Zero Days VR” Wins Emmy for Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary

I couldn’t be more thrilled, humbled, and full of pure joy right now. We won an Emmy for Zero Days VR for Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary at last night’s 39th News & Documentary Emmy Awards. 

I wanted to thank and introduce the Emmy Winners and best collaborators and partners in the world: Executive Producer Alex Gibney, thank you for trusting to tell this story in a new way. Executive Producer Sarah Dowland for your continuous support. Yelena Rachitsky and Colum Slevin and Oculus for your vision and belief in us from the start. Participant Media for your partnership. My deeply talented partners James George and Alexander Porter. My collaborator Elie Zananiri – thank you for your brilliance. Producer Mei-ling Natasha Wong for tireless, passionate work and still making it all fun! Love and gratitude for the rest of the Scatter family: Kyle Kukshtel, Jillian Morrow, Timothy Scaffidi, Neil Purvey. Antfood Music & Sound Design – who deserve an Emmy for the music alone. Jessie Cohen for amplifying our story from the get go. Last but not least the rockstar Zero Days VR team: Bradley G Munkowitz, Michael Rigley, Michael Cina, Kevin Watters, David Gochfeld, Thomas Meduri, Zara Hayden, Wilson Brown, Trevor Haimes, Yuta Endo, Dalton Harts, Mandy Mandelstein, Bil Thompson and Caitlin Robinson.

Yasmin Elayat

And finally and most importantly, a deeply heartfelt thank you to Shari Frilot and Hussain Currimbhoy for giving us a stage at Sundance where this entire wild ride started.

Thank you so much to the academy! This award represents a lot for us since our Scatter journey began two years ago in the summer of 2016. Not only was this our first project together, but we were also building our company and our first product Depthkit. This is a big moment for our team, for VR/AR and for Volumetric Filmmaking